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We support Bismarck Governors baseball!

Aug 7, 2014
congratulations Bismarck Governors on Fireside sign

We're so proud! Good luck! 

If you drive by Fireside, honk to help us cheer them on!

Tech-Note July 2014

Jul 14, 2014

A smartcup that knows what you’re drinking

A new “vessel” called “Vessyl” automatically knows what’s inside the cup.

Stop Facebook ads from using your information

Social Ads pair your actions with advertisement and shows them to your friends. 

Google’s Nest can make your home smarter

Homeowners will soon be able to talk to a Nest Learning Thermostat and complain about the heat.

Reader Request

Is it possible to have two different browsers on a computer? 

Why a hacker mindset may be good for your organization

Jul 2, 2014
Hackers by Steven Levy

The term "hacker" has come to describe someone who attempts to break into computer systems. Typically, this kind of hacker would be a proficient programmer or engineer with sufficient technical knowledge to understand the weak points in a security system.

Tech-Note June 2014

May 23, 2014

Why Google cares about breastfeeding 

There are few people more dazed and confused than a pair of freshly minted parents bringing their first child home from the hospital. And if their newborn bundle of joy won’t suckle, sleep, or stop squalling, they’re soon desperately calling their mother, their pediatrician, and anyone else they can think of for help. Now they can call Google.

Guinness World Record for fastest texting

A 16-year old from Brazil typed out a 25-word paragraph in 18.19 seconds on April 25. Want to see how you compare? Try the paragraph Fernandes typed to set the record. 

Destroying CDs to protect CDs

CDs made by the same company in the same year and wrapped in identical packaging might have totally different lifespans. That's what Library of Congress researchers found using “destructive aging tests.”