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Fireside Technician Winner in Central Region Testing, Advances

Nov 9, 2015
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For many years Kyocera Document Solutions has offered competitive testing for Certified Kyocera Technicians throughout the country to promote training and test for technical product knowledge.

November 2015

Nov 3, 2015
Man on cloud using tablet

5 ways you’re using the cloud-and didn’t know it

For many of us “the cloud” seems more like a buzzword than anything. Even if you don’t really understand what it means, according to HP you’re likely already using it if you do these things. Read More

What’s new in Office 2016

Microsoft has officially released Office 2016. While the look of the programs haven't changed much, there are updates to collaboration tools with a continued focus on cloud-related storage and sharing features. Take a look at those changes and how you can take advantage of this update. What's New

Stop using passwords... until you understand the risks

Password protection is far from perfect. Outdated storage methods and a lack of universal best practices have made it easier for hackers to get your passwords--and your data. Most consumers--and businesses--skirt password best practices. What You Should Know

Reader Request

Q. When I try to reply to emails with a colored background, the text is so hard to read! I change the font color, but I’d like to just get rid of the background. Is there a way to do that? I use Outlook. Read More

The case for height adjustability.

Oct 21, 2015
steelcase sit stand solution

Modern-day Americans can spend as much as 90% of the day sitting. Too much sitting, too little movement can be a direct cause of weight gain, reduced metabolic rate, backaches and tension. Height-adjustable sit/stand tables and desks have been growing in popularity for a number of years because they provide a practical and healthy solution to the problem of over-sitting. 

What's new on Facebook

Oct 21, 2015

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